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  All Instruments are quality inspected and calibrated in our in-house service facility.
LL300S Spectra Precision LL300S
The automatic self-leveling LL300S is the most rugged laser level available.
Package Includes: HL450 detector and rod bracket.
  • Accuracy of 1/16" @ 100 ft.
  • Working range of 2,600 ft. diameter
  • Height of instrument alert
  • 5 year warranty
  Spectra Precision LL300S
  Package Including aluminum tridpod and 16' aluminum grade rod. $1,075.00  

Spectra Precision LL500 Accurate, stable and very reliable. The LL500 is the ideal one-person leveling system.
Package Includes: HL700 Laserometer and rod bracket.

  • Accuracy of 1/16" @ 100 ft.
  • Working range of 1,600 ft. diameter
  • Self-leveling range of +/- arc minutes
  • Compensation Type: Wire hung, air-dampened
  LL500 SPECTRA-PRECISION Laserplane self-leveling
  Package Including aluminum tridpod and 16' fiberglass "CR" rod. $1,459.00  
RL-H4C Topcon RL-H4C Multi-purpose laser: grading, excavating and general construction projects. With "slope-matching" feature that allows grade checking on all flat and slope work. 2,600' dia., operating range +1/16" accuracy @ 100', 600 RPM's - works great with any machine mounted laser receiver.
Includes: Alkaline batteries, LS-70L detector and bracket.
  RL-H4C Topcon Automatic-leveling Laser
  Package with aluminum tripod and 16' aluminum rod. $907.00  
RL-H4C Topcon RL-H4C Automatic leveling laser.
Includes: rechargeable battery pack and charger.
  Package with aluminum tripod and 16' aluminum rod. $1,047.00  
GL612 Spectra Precision GL612 Slope Laser self-leveling in horizontal AND vertical position! +/- 25% on one axis in the horizontal mode, 1/16" @ 100' accuracy, 2,600' diameter range. Radio link remote control allows user to access laser controls from up to 330' away! One person can use the remote to match grade from the receiver end.
Includes: HL750 receiver with rod clamp, charger and rechargeable batteries.
  Spectra Precision GL612
  Package with ST-2 aluminum tripod and 16' fiberglass CR rod. $2,595.00  
UL633 Spectra Precision UL633 Dual Slope Laser similar to GL612 above but with +/- 25% slope on X, Y and Z axis! Z axis control allows you to use the UL633 as a pipe laser*!
*Pipe laser accessories NOT included
5217-21 SECO Level Rod Bipod holds rod steady $199.95  
  5217-21 SECO Level Rod Bipod
UL633-14 Spectra Precision UL633-14 Universal Laser - dual slope laser (-25% to +25%), remote dual axis alignment, control for grading and concrete screeds, pipe laser, G.C. laser for vertical and 90° layout, electronic leveling vibration filter. This is truly a universal laser! $3,435.00  
  UL633 Spectra Precision Universal Laser
RL-SV2S Topcon RL-SV2S Designed for a variety of tasks. Can be used for horizontal, sloping and vertical laser applications. An operating range of 2,400' diameter. Slopes up to +15% in either axis.
Includes: LS-80L detector and bracket, RC.
  Topcon RL-SV2S
  Level Rods
  Machine Control
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