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Level Best Laser Grading Box   We have the tools you need to get the job done!
Superior Instrument has the equipment to keep you on the cutting edge of laser grading technology.

Compact Tractor
Compact Tractor:
SC Series (Single Only)



Standard Tractor
Standard Tractor:
TS Series (Single or Dual)



Super Capacity Tractor
Super Capacity Tractor:
TD Series (Single or Dual)



Para-Level Skid Steer
Para-Level Skid Steer:
PL Series (Single)
PD Series (Dual)


Fine Grade Made Easy with... LevelBest
The Level Best laser grading box utilizes lasers, machine control technology, and a digital proportional valve to dramatically increase grade accuracy. Using this technology, operators can reach grade faster and easier. The Level Best laser grading box's accuracy allows for more precise material estimates which reduces overages and saves time.

Many playing fields now require "laser grading" from sub-grade through finish grade, and while a laser controlled dozer may be fine for boxing out sub-grade, and spreading piles of materials, the Level Best grading box is BEST for finishing the top of each material accurately.

Boxes are available from 48" to 96". Tractor size and HP will determine the maximum box size. Boxes are available with cylinder only (manual), Single laser control & Dual laser control.

The laser machine controls are easy to learn and use. As the operator grades, the system's receiver detects laser light from a rotating beacon and transmits a signal to the Level Best hydraulic controls. The proportional hydraulic valve uses the signal from the receiver and automatically lowers or raises the grader box to the required grade. Precise finish grade is attained when the on-grade light remains illuminated. The finish grade elevation is consistently leveled to within 1/4" or 1/8", depending on the laser system used, the deadband setting, material and ground speed.

The Level Best Advantage
The Level Best system can grade up to 50,000 square feet in an eight-hour day without need for costly motor-graders, dozers, or tractor-loader backhoes. Other laser techniques require two to three people to achieve finish grade-the Level Best system requires only a single operator.

The laser-controlled hydraulic system is also unique to the Level Best grading system. This hydraulic system utilizes digital-proportional valve bodies for greater accuracy and reliability than other systems on the market.

Single vs. Dual Control
Single, lift only, is a cost effective way to get to grade fast. Easy to setup and use it will make quick work of spreading fill.

Dual control, lift and tilt, provides a better accuracy with few passes.

Draw Bar Option – Features & Benefits:

  • Long, 48" Draw Bar.
  • The long draw bar maximizes the distance between the tractor axle and the wheels of the Level Best grading box, this reduces the effect of "tractor bounce" on the grading box, allowing you to reach grade faster.
  • Adjustable Top Link- A top link between the draw bar and the grade box allows the operator to adjust the pitch of the box. Adjusting the pitch of the box helps to keep the end plates from digging into graded material, making a neater finish.
  • Adjustable Hitch- An adjustable hitch accommodates the hitch heights of most tractors or trucks. The draw bar option can be retrofitted to older Level Best boxes. Converting an older box to the draw bar option requires only one hour.

Tractor vs. Skid Steer
The choice of machine type is usually determined by what you already own. The differences are subtle but worth noting.

Tractors can offer a longer, more stable baseline with less system "bounce" when the draw bar option is used. This reduces bounce by changing the leverage ratio of the ground contact points. The result is more accurate finish grade with less passes.

Laser Controlled Grading
  Skid Steer machines are more versatile and maneuverable but tend to bounce with imperfections in grade. Each pass works to smooth out the surface requiring more passes to get a smooth accurate finish.
Model Box Size Box Capacity Front / Rear Recommended Machine HP Shipping Weight Box Only Pricing Complete w/ Electronics
Para-Level Box (Skid Steer) Single
PL72 72" 11.5 / 7.0 42-60 1,575 lbs $8,665.00 $16,349.00
PL84 84" 13.4 / 8.0 49-70 1,630 lbs $8,885.00 $16,560.00
PL96 96" 15.3 / 9.0 56-80 1,695 lbs $9,300.00 $16,979.00
Para-Level (Skid Steer) Dual w/ hydraulic valve, hoses & fittings
PD-72 72" 11.5 / 7.0 42-60 1,885 lbs n/a $25,650.00
PD-84 84" 13.4 / 8.0 49-70 1,935 lbs n/a $25,979.00
PD-96 96" 15.3 / 9.0 56-80 1,985 lbs n/a $26,399.00
Tractor Box - Compact - Single
SC48 48" 4.1 15-25 345 lbs $3,195.00 $10,889.00
SC60 60" 5.1 18-30 395 lbs $3,374.00 $11,029.00
Tractor Box - Single
TS-72 72" 17.0 30-42 1,020 lbs $5,520.00 $13,200.00
TS-84 84" 19.9 35-49 1,140 lbs $5,650.00 $13,375.00
TS-96 96" 22.8 40-56 1,260 lbs $5,775.00 $13,595.00
Tractor Box - Double
TD-72 72" 17.0 30-42 1,060 lbs $6,599.00 $19,885.00
TD-84 84" 19.9 35-49 1,200 lbs $6,659.00 $19,995.00
TD-96 96" 22.8 40-56 1,320 lbs $6,799.00 $20,195.00
Control Package - Includes proportional valve, wiring harness receiver(s) and installation instructions.
Level Best Control Package Basic Basic Level Best Control Package Single Single No Display, not able to "set" grade from cab
Level Best Control Package Advanced Advanced Level Best Control Package Dual Dual With Display, can "set" grade from cab
  Basic vs. Advanced Control Package: We bundle the "basic" control box with our Single control system for a cost effective and easy to use solution. The advanced conttrol box in our Dual system gives you the ability to "set on grade" from the remote control switch while the blade is benched on finish grade. A full range of setting for hydraulic control allows you to tailor the blade movement to suite the conditions at hand. This system can be run as Lift only or Lift and Tilt.
  The right laser for the job: These grading systems "follow" the laser reference to create a matching surface. Since most rotating lasers create a "flat" surface, either level or sloped, the grading box will do the same.
  Special lasers are available that will broadcast a "cone" shape which is typically used for Baseball fields and sediment tanks. We sell, and rent (locally), both types of lasers.
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