Motorola DTR600 Digital 30-Channel Radio

Motorola DTR600 Digital 30-Channel Radio

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Motorola’s DTR series radios are now more reliable than ever - enabling interference free, private communications to help your team stay focused while keeping communications private.
With its slim, rugged design the DTR600 digital two-way radio is equipped with 30 channel capacity. It is IP54 rated and operates at 900 MHz. A full-graphic color display and intuitive navigation menu helps you quickly locate all radio features.  The DTR600 offers flexible communication options, including Digital One-to-One Calling and Digital One-to-Many Calling. The DTR600 also provides great coverage, long battery life and digital audio quality that is loud and clear audio wherever you are.
  • Vibrant Color Display
    • A full-graphic, backlit display uses brightness adjustment to provide a crisp and clear image, while an intuitive navigation menu helps you quickly and easily locate all radio features
  • Slim, Rugged Design
  • Compact and IP54 Rated
    • A durable design meets U.S. Military 810G standards for shock, vibration, water, dust and temperature extremes - so it will operate in the harshest working conditions
  • Prominent Functional Keys
    • Prominent front panel keypad allows user to easily navigate through the intuitive menu and makes key selection quick and easy
  • Group Privacy Options
    • By setting up your radio fleet with a unique 4-digit Radio Profile ID number, you can assure communications without interference
    • To achieve the highest level of privacy you may create a Private Group
  • Flexible Call Options
    • The DTR series is equipped with call options that accommodate the unique needs of different business operations
  • Private Reply allows users to instantly communicate one to one privately after a group transmission is over
  • Call All Available is a group transmission across all channels, to all radios that are not engaged on a call.
    • All replies are heard by the entire group
  • Page All Available is a one-way group announcement across all channels, to all radios that are not engaged on a call
    • Any replies are private
  • Direct Call allows users to easily reach a specific individual, enabling instant communication
  • Instant Mute allows user to immediately silence the radio
  • Wide Area Coverage
    • The DTR Series digital radio works wherever people do
    • Reporting from the production line or the principal’s office, they’ll enjoy expanded in-building coverage – up 350,000 sq. ft (or 30 floors indoors) with the standard whip antenna
  • Loud and Clear Audio
    • Digital audio quality stays loud and clear – up to the edge of coverage – without static or dead zones
  • Antimicrobial Housing Properties
    • The radio housing contains built-in antimicrobial properties that prevent growth of mold and germs resulting in devices that are stain and odor resistant
  • One Touch Access
    • Use a single button to access pre-program Call Functions

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