Laser Accessories

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Laser accessories help contractors, carpenters, plumbers and builders get the most out of their laser equipment. Our construction lasers ensure you are using the best, most reliable surveying and measurement equipment trusted by experts in the field. We make these lasers even better and easier to use with a line of laser accessories that includes safety gear, chargers, mounts, targets, batteries, clamps and more. Laying out construction jobsites accurately and quickly has never been easier!

Keep your eyes safe from intense construction lasers with Spectra red laser glasses, specifically designed to make red lasers more visible even in bright outdoor lighting. We also carry pipe laser target holders to help you accurately line up where the laser should go, and a range of pipe laser targets to ensure precise accuracy. Worried your laser’s battery won't last through long projects? Browse our wide selection of laser level batteries and chargers. We’ve got you covered no matter the brand or model of laser level you use. For all your surveying and construction laser needs, shop at Superior Instrument.