Plumb Bobs for Accurate Vertical Alignment

If you aren't too familiar with construction or mathematics, you might be asking yourself, “What is a plumb bob?” A plumb bob is a simple tool, basically just a string with a carefully balanced weight tied to it. It is used to determine a true vertical line.

A plumb bob reel is often made from twisted threads of nylon or cotton with a pointed weight affixed to one end. This weight, precisely machined for accuracy, is usually made from brass, steel, or plastic. Plumb bobs are often used to align components of a housing project or building. Without proper alignment from a plumb bob or level, you might accidentally build a house with crooked doors or windows.

Both a level or surveying plumb bob can be used for aligning components on the jobsite. While levels might be better for horizontal alignment, they require drawing a line out to match large components or multiple components over long distances. Where a plumb bob truly shines is when several objects need alignment over long vertical distances. Imagine someone standing on top of a tall building and lowering a line straight down. If each window on each floor will be in the same position, this plumb line aligns several windows at once.
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