Arro-Mark Markers

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Most markers don't cut it in the field. Surveyors need tough markers that can leave a lasting mark on several types of surfaces. That's where the Mighty Marker Industrial Paint Marker can really help. These are large and potent markers that can be used on practically any surface.

One of the best aspects of the Arro-Mark paint markers is the plethora of options. You have several different colors from which to choose. This is helpful when you want to make sure that the color contrasts well with the surface you're writing on. Additionally, Arro-Mark markers come in different sizes. Whether you need something a bit more finely written or a thick marker to make a bold stroke, you'll find what you need with these markers.

Each Arro-Mark Mighty Marker is made for a certain industry or use. Some are better suited for wet surfaces, while others are better suited for UV absorption. No matter what you need, Arro-Mark paint markers have you covered.