Grade Lasers for Construction

At Superior Instrument, we carry the best laser brands and accessories for leveling and grading jobsites. We have the highest-quality pipe, grade, single-slope, dual-slope and cone lasers for any grading application, from a small garage slab to constructing a complex ball field or installing sewer and drainage pipe. Get surveying lasers from top brands like Spectra, Topcon, and more. We also carry the best selection of interior line and rotating lasers for drop-ceiling installation, wall layout, hanging cabinets, and fixture location layout. All of our lasers are engineered for fast, simple operation and are built to withstand rugged environments found on today's construction sites. Precision lasers and accessories quickly pay for themselves through decreased errors and increased productivity.

Check out our unmatched selection of laser accessories and laser surveying equipment. We stock everything from laser receivers and replacement receiver clamps to grade rods, tripods, and elevating tripods. We also carry the best variety of laser grading accessories for dozers, skid steer machines, excavators, and tractors, from control boxes and receivers to laser masts and grading boxes.

Start making the most of our laser technologies now. Make your jobsite layout faster, more efficient, and more accurate than ever before. Shop our selection of survey lasers now to take advantage of our competitive prices, with fast shipping on all orders, or contact our experts to recommend options for the correct equipment before you buy.

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Construction & Surveying Lasers

Laser levels are essential tools for construction projects large and small, including home DIY tasks. Their ease of use, versatility and accuracy significantly reduce project time and cost over traditional methods when performing leveling, plumbing, grade and slope calculation tasks.

Today, the variety of laser tools available exceeds that of any other type of surveying equipment. This means that you are sure to find the perfect laser level tool with the features you need at an affordable price point.

Types of Construction Lasers

Laser levels of all types are an essential part of every surveyor’s or contractor’s leveling tools construction kit. That goes for both outdoor and indoor work. In addition to a straightforward laser level, their toolboxes may also include grading lasers, pipe lasers and one or more types of interior lasers.

Grading Lasers

Whether setting a level or sloping grade for a construction or landscaping project, grading or surveying lasers mean many two-person tasks can be handled by a single person. A self-leveling laser with rotary beam, detectors and remote control is considered the most efficient design for grading jobs.

Pipe Lasers

Calculating the proper downhill slope for wastewater, sewer and other drainage tubing is much easier with specialized pipe lasers that directly compute grade using an in-the-pipe beam. They confirm high-accuracy placement at the most cost-efficient slope and are especially useful for long, direct runs.

Interior Lasers

For home and commercial building construction, there are a variety of laser tools, including laser levels, line-and-dot lasers and multi-beam lasers. These make tedious manual measuring jobs, such as plumbing walls, marking ceiling fixtures, laying out tile and more, easy to accomplish.


Detectors are laser receivers. That is, they catch the laser beam at long distances and use either a visual or audio indicator to tell you when the beam is centered. For grading, they are typically clamped to a survey rod. Other detector types use a built-in clamp for attachment to walls, pipes or edges.

Key Laser Level Features

Understanding which features are most important to your tasks helps you select the most appropriate device:

  • Accuracy – Nearly any laser leveling tool has higher accuracy than a manual tool. Higher accuracy specs, however, are most important for outdoor work where distances are greater.
  • Self-leveling – The ability for a laser to automatically adjust its level saves time and mitigates tool disturbance.
  • Green or red beam – Especially in bright light, a green beam is much easier to spot than a red one.
  • Number of beams – A single-beam or dot laser is sufficient for many interior projects, but multi-beam lasers offer additional convenience.
  • Straight or rotary – A surveying laser with a rotating beam draws a complete 360-degree “chalk line” across an entire site.
  • Communication – Lasers with remote control capabilities pay for themselves with reduced labor costs by enabling laser operation from up to hundreds of feet away.

Find Your Best Laser Level Tool at Superior Instrument

At Superior Instrument, you can find any type of laser tool for any job type, plus the necessary accessories. We carry rugged, high-quality single- or dual-slope and cone grade lasers plus pipe lasers. We also have a wide selection of interior line and rotating lasers. Select from over a dozen laser level receivers and detectors.

We offer the largest laser tool and parts inventory plus in-house service, so you need not shop anywhere else to equip yourself with the right tool with the most useful features for the jobs you perform the most.

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