Line, Rotating, Single/Dual, Slope, Pipe Cone Lasers & Laser Accessories

At Superior Instrument, we carry the best laser brands and accessories for leveling and grading jobsites. We have the highest quality pipe, grade, single slope, dual slope and cone lasers for any grading application from a small garage slab to constructing a complex ball field or installing sewer and drainage pipe. We also carry the best selection of interior line and rotating lasers for drop ceiling installation, wall layout, hanging cabinets and fixture location layout. All of our lasers are engineered for fast, simple operation and are built to withstand rugged environments found on today's construction sites. Precision lasers and accessories quickly pay for themselves through decreased errors and increased productivity.

Check out our unmatched selection of laser accessories. We stock everything from laser receivers, replacement receiver clamps to grade rods, tripods and elevating tripods. We also carry the best variety of laser grading accessories for dozers, skid steer machines, excavators and tractors – from control boxes and receivers to laser masts and grading boxes.

Start making the most of our laser technologies now. Make your jobsite layout needs faster, more efficient and accurate than ever before. Shop our selection now to take advantage of our competitive prices with fast shipping on all orders or contact our experts to recommend options for the correct equipment you need before you buy.

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