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ChrisNik MAG Nails & Markers

Mark critical points during land surveying and construction layout with ChrisNik MAG nails and markers. These nails have been magnetized for easy detection and surrounded in a galvanized coating to resist corrosion. They’re easier to detect than ever thanks to their large head and design and cheaper than stakes and easier to carry. Save yourself time and money with surveying equipment from ChrisNik.
ChrisNik makes more than just magnetic nails. We also carry nail markers, signs and the Hounddog Magnetic Locator so you can section off the worksite and locate critical points with ease. Bright-orange easily detectable markers make finding locations a breeze. For locating hard-to-find spots that might not be visible due to dust or construction materials, the magnetic locator comes in handy, allowing you to see past debris and find the MAG nail every time. It can even detect nails up to 14 feet deep in the ground and 8 feet under ferrous materials.