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Construction Surveying Lasers

Laying out todays complicated construction sites requires a wide range of tools in order to get the job done right. At Superior Instrument, we have everything you need to ensure your work sites and buildings are accurately laid out and properly graded. Whether you're one man or working with a large crew, Superior Instrument has the construction instruments you need including digital theodolites, conventional and robotic total stations to GPS for the most complicated site or concrete layout. We carry a wide variety of lasers – our selection ranges from simple auto levels, multi beam line lasers, rotating lasers and single/dual slope lasers to cone lasers and laser grading boxes for simple flat grading to the most complicated ballfields. We also carry lock levels for checking road grades as well as pipe lasers for laying pipe, transits and metal and pipe locators . Superior Instrument has a dedicated staff of industry professionals to keep you on-line, on grade, on schedule and with any luck under budget.

Buy our construction lasers to ensure you are using the very best, most reliable surveying and measurement equipment trusted by experts in the field. Laying out construction jobsites accurately and quickly has never been easier! Shop now to enjoy our affordable prices with fast shipping on all orders or contact our team for help finding exactly what you need.

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