Automatic Leveling Equipment

Auto levels are crucial optical guides that help contractors establish points along the same plane while leveling structures and projects. Used along with other leveling accessories, the optical auto level self-levels quickly and stabilizes your line of sight. Superior Instrument features high-quality automatic levelers from brands such as Topcon Nedo, Dewalt, and more.

These precision instruments are designed for the jobsite, built tough to handle jostling, and made to withstand the rain. Certain models can even stand up to powerful water jets or full submersion underwater. With incredible stabilizing technology, these levels can maintain a precise and reliable level even next to heavy machinery or highways that cause frequent vibrations.

Shop Superior Instrument for all your automatic leveler needs. We also carry a wide variety of laser levels and construction tools to ensure perfect alignment on all your projects.

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Auto levels help contractors to precisely meet architectural requirements by ensuring that components are set in place in the precise location that building plans call for. Using an auto leveler can also help contractors to lay components precisely in a flat plane. Nikon auto levels and Topcon auto levels are some of the best products to consider if you are looking for one of the latest leveling solutions. However, there are a wide range of construction auto level products available, so you should do your research before making a final selection.

When purchasing an auto level, you should look for products that come with self-leveling features or internal compensator mechanisms that simplify the leveling process. Automatic features help to reduce the amount of time required to ensure that spaces are level. There are a wide range of auto levels available below, and you should investigate our selection thoroughly to choose the product that is right in your situation.