Dewalt Surveying Equipment

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Dewalt Lasers & Accessories

At Superior Instrument, we offer top-of-the-line DeWalt surveying equipment for surveyors and engineers. With tools like DeWalt laser levels, you can cut down time on projects and get more accurate results, leading to a more efficient workflow. With self-leveling lasers and line lasers, you can make quick work of all your layout and leveling tasks, from massive projects to tiny details. With DeWalt, safety is a top priority. Just look at the accessories we offer, such as red and green laser target cards and laser enhancement glasses. These allow you to target efficiently and correctly when using a DeWalt laser or any other construction laser tools. DeWalt laser levels, such as the DW096PK 26x Auto Level package, provide an accuracy of ±1/32" per 100', or the DW080LRS, which is IP67 debris/water-resistant and has 1-meter drop protection for even the toughest jobsite. Bringing a DeWalt survey laser along provides both accurate distance measurements and level laser lines. Don't forget about the DeWalt survey tripod, such as our inexpensive and robust laser tripod with tilting head, or for a lighter-weight option, an aluminum construction tripod.