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Dewalt Lasers & Accessories

Dewalt designs and optimizes professional jobsite solutions with its line of power tools and hand tools. They focus on ruggedness and rigorous testing to ensure each and every piece of equipment is something they can stand behind and be proud to call a Dewalt product. This mindset has led Dewalt to create some of the most trusted and respected surveying equipment and construction lasers available. Get precise accuracy and undeniable reliability with Dewalt lasers and laser line detectors from Superior Instrument today.

At Superior Instrument, we offer top-of-the-line DeWalt surveying equipment for surveyors and engineers. With tools such as DeWalt laser levels, you can finish projects faster with reliable accuracy, leading to a more efficient workflow. Self-leveling lasers make quick work of layout and leveling tasks by producing a constant leveled line for reference. When mounted on a tripod, these lasers free up your hands so you can hammer in nails, align cabinets, or complete any other task that needs to be done.

Bringing a DeWalt survey laser onto the jobsite ensures both accurate distance measurements and level laser lines. Laser distance measures allow you to instantly capture measurements with the click of a button, making it the perfect tool for use in just about any field. Get accurate measurements for work in electrical, plumbing, concrete, and more. Some lasers can be invisible to the naked eye, which is why the more visible green line lasers have become so common on jobsites. If you are having trouble locating and adjusting your laser levels, consider getting a line laser detector. This handy tool directs the user to the position of any active laser to ensure level reading.