Surveyor Measuring Tapes & Reels

Superior Instrument makes measuring indoor and outdoor areas as easy as possible with our heavy-duty engineer’s measuring tapes. We have open-reel surveyor’s measuring tapes that extend over 300 feet, made with durable stainless steel tape designed to withstand inclement weather and frequent, rugged use. Our measuring tapes for surveying include measurements for both metric and inches with reinforced housing and full retracting ability. We are dedicated to bringing you the very best measuring tapes from top brands, including Keson and Lufkin, to ensure you enjoy years of exceptional performance.

For big projects, you need to ensure accuracy, and our survey tape measures provide a quick and precise method of measuring trusted for centuries. Order now to take advantage of our affordable prices with fast shipping on all orders, or give us a call at (888) 852-7377 to speak with our team of experts who can help you find everything you need before you buy.

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SECO 12'/3.5 m Hi-Rel Power Tape SECO 12'/3.5 m Hi-Rel Power Tape
Price: $8.50
Sale Price: $2.50

Measuring Tools

As an architect, engineer, craftsperson, or field technician, you rely on accurate and durable equipment to ensure your product is designed, measured, and constructed properly. Our precision measuring equipment features Keson, Lufkin, and other trusted brands. Choose from portable pocket-sized tape measures that can be used anywhere to larger surveyors’ measures that can unspool to over 300’!

Our land measurement tools are weatherproof and capable of withstanding repeated use in rugged conditions. Find surveyor's wheel tape measures in lengths of 100, 200, 300, or 500 feet, with both customary and metric graduations. These quality surveyor measurement tools, made from fiberglass, stainless steel, and chrome-coated materials, are available in open and closed-wheel configurations.

Superior Instrument offers high-quality tools and instruments used by professionals in the construction and surveying fields. Shop in one of our four stores in Connecticut, browse online, or call us at (888) 852-7377 for help with selecting the right tools for your job.