Nikon Optical Surveying Equipment

Our Nikon optical surveying equipment includes a range of total stations with different capabilities and pricing, as well as a Nikon theodolite for surveyors looking for a more economical solution. Our Nicon total stations feature top technology in modern surveying, consisting of a transit, EDM and surveying software. This combination of technology allows for real-time data measurements and analysis that is both fast and reliable.

Nikon XS and XF include hot swappable batteries, dual screen technologies and autofocus, while NP-322+ features convenient Li-batteries and a user-friendly keypad at an affordable price. Entry-level Nikon surveying equipment, such as our theodolite, is priced at $1,829, while more advanced equipment is priced at around $10,000. Please contact [email protected] for specific pricing inquiries.

Superior Instrument is proud to offer industry-leading customer service in order to answer any and all questions regarding Nikon surveying gear. Browse our selection today for guaranteed low prices on high-quality products.

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