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Spectra Precision Lasers

Spectra Precision supplies precision laser tools and solutions to the construction and surveying markets to enhance productivity. Its tools are designed for general contractors and specialty contractors working on commercial jobsites or residential projects. Its line of precision lasers includes laser grades, laser levels, pipe lasers, interior lasers, laser receivers, distance measurers and more. Known for its rugged products that can stand up to extreme weather and still perform with pinpoint accuracy, Spectra Precision Laser became one of the best-known brands of construction lasers in the industry. Let's take a moment to look at the products the company offers and the benefits they can provide on the job.

Grading & Leveling Lasers

Grading and leveling lasers make checking the level and elevation of a jobsite quick and easy. They are commonly used to check cut and fill requirements, control excavation depth, accurately level concrete forms and more. Grades can be entered simply and quickly on all models, saving you time and ensuring an exact measure. Imagine how much of a headache it would be to work on a project only to realize halfway through that the foundation wasn’t level to begin with. Make sure everything is precisely measured and leveled with advanced functions like automatic grade matching, axis alignment and automatic temperature compensation.

Pipe Lasers

As the name suggests, pipe lasers are used to help lay down pipe on construction projects. Spectra manufactures some of the fastest and smartest tools for pipe laying in the industry. Many of these lasers are completely waterproof, with user-friendly displays and fast setup to improve productivity and save you time. The company also makes signal transporters to even further extend the radio range by up to two times the normal range.

Interior Lasers

Used for a wide variety of vertical, horizontal and plumb applications, interior lasers produce a high-visibility beam while rotating to map out interior spaces. This allows you to work smarter and faster than using diagrams and measuring estimates, and measure complex shapes and sloped designs with pinpoint accuracy. Interior lasers are incredibly helpful when confirming cabinetry levels, ceiling installations, acoustic panels and other improvement projects.

Distance Measurers

Spectra rounds out its line of construction-measuring tools with distance measurers. These are compact devices that can fit right into your pocket or tool belt and are used to take measurements with the push of a button. Simple to operate and easy to use, these useful devices can even take indirect measurements using Pythagorean functions. They can also calculate areas, volumes and the tilt of angles, all from one convenient device.