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One problem surveyors and other professionals face is the inability to mark on certain materials. Surveying doesn't always take place on sunny days. You need a durable crayon, or marker, that can last through rain and sunshine. Dixon industrial marking crayons are an effective solution. Dixon crayons have been tested on various surfaces, including wet lumber. Each time, the mark remained present and visible.

Whether you need to mark part of the road or a piece of lumber, Dixon lumber crayons can make your job a lot easier. One of the advantages the product provides is an array of colors. Whether you need to color code something or just mark with a color that's more visible, Dixon has you covered. Dixon lumber crayons are an effective tool to mark lumber and are built to last through several uses. The rate of fade is substantially lower than other lumber crayons on the market.

You'll also find that Dixon provides several different markers for use in different situations. Some are better for situations in which direct sunlight is a problem, and others are better suited for wet surfaces. No matter what your needs, Dixon has something for you.