Total Stations Conventional/One Man, Robotic, Imaging, Monitoring & Hybrid

Total stations are a necessity in the survey and construction layout industry. Whether you need a conventional total station, robotic, imaging, monitoring, or GPS Hybrid total station, at Superior Instrument we specialize in top of the line, cutting edge surveying equipment. Our product line offers survey equipment engineered to be extremely accurate, faster, lighter and more efficient than anything you've used before. Our total stations have the fastest EDM's and the most advanced angle encoder technology on the market, ensuring the quickest and most accurate results measuring to a prism or reflectorlessly. Superior Instrument offers a wide variety of total stations with either on-board data collection or collect your data with a wireless or cabled data collector.

Total stations are still the most accurate method of recording or laying out data quickly and efficiently. Whether you are surveying a small job site, a large plot of land or laying out a massive commercial project these total stations get the job done. Shop now and take advantage of our competitive prices and fast shipping on all orders or contact our experts to recommend options for the correct equipment you need before you buy.

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