Digital Transit Level Measurement Tools & Theodolites

Transit levels are surveying tools that allow contractors and builders to accurately measure height and level over long distances. These are commonly used in interior and exterior building projects to maintain square and level work. Transit levels is an optical level that utilizes a tripod base, telescope and a spirit level. Theodolites are instruments used to measure angles in surveying. Digital theodolites provide highly accurate readings. Shop top-of-the-line optical leveling equipment below.

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Superior Instrument carries David White and SitePro digital theodolite surveying instruments that let you establish precise angles when surveying for construction projects. These survey transit leveling tools take extremely accurate horizontal angle measurements, helping users establish property lines, plumb columns and mark off excavation for trenches and pipelines.

Transit level measurement tools are built for vertical leveling only, making them easier to set up. Builders’ digital transit levels have built-in vials and plumb bobs or digital plummets for alignment. This allows them to be calibrated for precise positioning when working on uneven ground.

We also carry specialized construction transit levels. The David White Power Universal Optical Line Transit can be used as a standard transit or for pipe laying, thanks to a design that lets you see directly below the instrument. The Nikon NE-100’s electronic controls make it easy to convert to grade percents and repeat measurements by locking the horizontal angle readings. LCD screens on these advanced models make it easier to take readings in low-light conditions.