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Using a self-leveling grading laser is the most accurate way of grading the foundation of any professional construction job. Since these tools can do so much more than just grading, you can also use them to map out foundations for digging masonry work, keep a consistent pitch across a large area during a project, and align the metal tracks.

Line lasers
are the most common type of construction laser. As their name suggests, they project a single horizontal or vertical line that can be used as a reference line for a number of applications.

Spot lasers project a circle and are often used to transfer points from one surface to another.

Combination lasers can project multiple types of beams. Based on the model, they might produce several different beams simultaneously or independently. They can usually produce both a vertical and horizontal line and easily switch between modes.

Rotary lasers are possibly the most advanced and useful of the laser levels. They have more rotational mobility, allowing them to perform a wide set of tasks with accuracy and ease.

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Digital Grading Lasers

Our selection of Topcon and Spectra digital laser levels includes the most advanced technology and user-friendly features that turn complex problems into simple answers. With the right grading laser, a single person can perform measuring tasks in minutes that might take a team hours. We carry long-range grading lasers compatible with additional grading equipment and accessories for even more utility. Conquer the biggest, toughest jobs with confidence and digital laser levels.

With the newest software and durable construction, these are the most versatile and rugged digital laser levels available. They can withstand outdoor conditions while still providing the functionality you need to accurately grade even the largest foundations. Shop now to enjoy our wide selection with affordable prices and fast shipping, or give us a call at (888) 852-7377 to speak with our team of experts standing by to help you find exactly what you need.