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Surveying Equipment Supply - Superior Instrument

Whether you are outfitting one person or an entire crew, Superior Instrument is your source for survey instruments for everything from small residential projects to large commercial construction projects handling surveying and mapping requirements. Buying the best surveying equipment with a trusted survey supplier will ensure accurate measurements and powerful data collection and analysis for any project. At SuperiorInstrument.com, we specialize in top-of-the-line, cutting-edge surveying and measuring instruments, from conventional total stations and robotic total stations to GIS mapping, UAV/drones and satellite GPS survey equipment, all engineered to deliver fast, accurate and reliable performance in any condition. We also carry a wide variety of survey data collection and analysis equipment, surveying accessories, construction gear and more - everything that you’ll need for your next project or job site.

Land and construction survey equipment relies on high-tech digital instrumentation to streamline the measurement and collection of survey data. Today’s survey gear manufacturers are developing tools that provide a higher level of accuracy, better ease of use and stronger durability than ever before. Top survey equipment brands like Leica survey equipment, Carlson, Topcon, Nikon and more are continually improving the capabilities and scope of previous surveying tools and software. If you want the highest quality gear, ensure that you buy your equipment from a trusted survey engineering supply.

Components like total stations, GPS surveying equipment like GNSS data collectors, and surveying software are crucial to consolidating your survey data. Look to Superior Instrument to provide the office software options to take your field data to the next level. The office software solutions Superior Instrument offers are powerful platforms with unparalleled advancements to process data from any collection source - total station, GPS, laser scanners and drones - using the simplest interface combined with speed and accuracy to deliver professional results. Whether it's analyzing existing conditions or designing proposed sites to final as-build conditions, we have the most up-to-date data collection and office software for operating and managing all of your data in the field and back at the office, saving you both time and money on every project from field to finish.

Our survey and construction layout equipment combined with our office software solutions deliver simple interfaces, unparalleled accuracy and speed that will provide total control over every aspect of operation. When you buy your survey equipment from Superior Instrument, you get the very best selection combined with our expert knowledge to help you get exactly what you need. Shop now to find the perfect surveying equipment for your needs, or contact our experts for help and enjoy our competitive prices with fast shipping on all orders.

Your Surveyor Resource

The job of a surveyor is to take measurements of a specific piece of land, collect that data and create a map or record of distances, features (both man-made and natural), buildings and boundaries. Land surveyors often work on projects involving construction and redevelopment of land. They are effective in mapping out projects and ensuring projects are done to spec and completed on time.

Surveying work is done across all types of industries and projects, including commercial development, utility projects, mining, residential development, large-scale infrastructure projects like roads and railroads, as well as in use cases in archaeology, architecture and more. Land surveying jobs are a part of most commercial construction and infrastructure projects. Additionally, property surveyors are resoponsible for appraising the state of various real estate holdings using a wide range of tools.

The goal of surveying is to gain an accurate understanding of a space. Surveyors do that with high-tech surveying equipment from a reliable source. Superior Instrument is here to help surveyors and construction project owners get all the gear they need at the best prices. Shop our selection of land and construction surveying equipment today!

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Survey Equipment FAQs

What Is Surveying Equipment?

Surveying equipment is any type of tool or piece of equipment that helps a surveyor accurately measure, record and analyze data for a land surveying project. Loosely defined, they’re measuring tools that help professional, trained surveyors retain accuracy over long distances or in complex environments. There are several different types of surveying equipment that can be used depending on the specifics of your project.

How Does Surveying Equipment Work?

Surveying equipment records measurements in a wide number of ways depending on the type of environment you’re working in, what you’re measuring, and what equipment you’re using. For the majority of surveying jobs, surveyors use a tool called a total station that works by measuring the horizontal and vertical coded scales of a survey reflector and returning a measurement of distance and angle. Other high-tech gear, like GPS survey equipment, measures points and distance by receiving satellite signals and interpreting those signals to form geospatial measurements.

There are also types of land survey equipment for sale that work by using traditional technologies. Magnetic utility locators - often used in redevelopment, residential or commercial survey projects - can locate the presence of underground utilities (water and electrical) by conducting a current through the utility to a receiver. Similarly, lasers are used for measuring grades, distances and more by sending a laser beam to a desired destination.

Last but not least, there are plenty of tools used in surveying that allow for accurate manual calculations, like sight levels, hand levels and other optical equipment.

How To Use Survey Equipment

Whether you’re working on a small project or as part of a team on a large commercial survey project, the accuracy of your measurements relies on the quality of your equipment and utilizing the right process. From simple, straightforward tools like hand levels to more advanced equipment like total robotic survey stations and GPS survey receivers, a proper understanding of how your gear works and how to utilize it is crucial.

The core principle when using survey equipment is to capture measurement data, record it and analyze it for use in a construction or redevelopment project. Survey equipment helps you easily get incredibly accurate measurements and record them.

Once you have completed the survey, most survey equipment will allow you to consolidate and analyze the data either via a record of measurements or by exporting it in a format that can be interpreted by data analysis professionals and survey software.

Where Can I Find Survey Equipment Near Me?

Each survey project is different, and you may need different components depending on the project constraints. Because survey equipment can be expensive, you might want to look in your immediate area. Luckily, Superior Instrument specializes in supplying survey equipment, land survey equipment and more near you.

Best-Price National Shipping Rates on All Survey Equipment

Superior Instrument stocks a large amount of top-of-the-line survey equipment from top brands ready to be shipped anywhere in the US. No matter your project location or needs, we provide survey equipment for sale and survey equipment for rent. Shop our entire catalog of survey instrumentation, surveyor equipment and more.

For surveyors, project managers and others located in the Connecticut area, Superior Instrument features four locations spread throughout the state in Southington, South Windsor, Norwich, and Bridgeport . To find a local shop near you, visit our Locations page.

Where Can I Find Survey Equipment for Rent?

Many surveyors and surveying outfits choose to rent their survey equipment instead of buying. Renting your own equipment has many benefits:

  • No need for storage of unused gear
  • No money needed to fix, update and/or maintain equipment
  • Rental prices are often more affordable than owning equipment outright

Rentals are a great way to source equipment that you don’t always need to have on hand without the risk and cost of ownership. Ready to rent surveyor equipment? Visit our sister company SuperiorRental.com and check our instrument and laser rental options.

Where Can I Find Used Survey Equipment?

We highly recommend you buy new when it comes to surveying equipment. The technology used in surveying instrumentation is continually updated and improved. If you want the latest and greatest tech, shop our most recent inventory.

Used survey equipment for sale is a great way to cut costs on your projects and get high-quality instruments without having to pay for new-cost gear. There are several considerations when you’re going to purchase used GPS surveying equipment:

  • What condition is it in?
  • How often will you use it?
  • Is a warranty needed for this piece of equipment?
  • How much will it cost to upkeep the survey equipment?

For most survey equipment instruments, it doesn’t make sense to buy used. You’ll have outdated technology and run the risk of having to maintain or repair an old piece of equipment.

For any and all questions about used survey equipment for sale, call our Service Department TOLL FREE: (888) 852-7377 or (860) 276-8796.

Superior Instrument is your source for survey equipment for sale online. We also offer equipment rentals as well, just search, "survey equipment rental near me," and click on the Superior Instrument link.