Measuring Equipment & Tools

Whether you’re a foreman for a large construction site or a DIY home renovator, you’ll undoubtedly need basic measuring tools. Measuring tape, measuring wheels and folding rulers are necessary tools for any jobsite. Stock up on all of your necessary measuring tools with Superior Instrument below!

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Keson 3' Measuring Wheel - Metric Keson 3' Measuring Wheel - Metric
Price: $95.95
Sale Price: $78.50
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Superior Instrument has everything you need to take accurate distance measurements. Keson Series metric tape and U.S. tape is fully retractable and available in lengths up to 300 feet. These flexible tape measures are made from stainless steel for maximum durability. We also carry Keson and Lufkin engineer’s measuring tape for measuring smaller spaces. Need an easy way to measure small spaces? We carry engineer's folding rulers. These rulers measure in inches and tenths or metric and tenths. These rulers are available in wood and fiberglass. They don’t flex like measuring tape, making them ideal for vertical measurements.

What about longer distances? We have measuring wheels from top brands, including Keson, SECO and Plott Carta. Plott Carta wheels integrate with Carta and Lets Plott software, handling calculations for area and distance automatically. We also have manual-read wheels designed for flat surfaces and rough terrain. These models have telescoping handles, so they take up less space in storage. These wheels are available in versions for metric and standard measurements.