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Calculated Industries

In construction, it's always critical to take accurate measurements. Ensure your projects are running as precisely and quickly as possible with construction calculators from Calculated Industries. These useful tools, such as material estimator calculators, can instantly convert more than 60 different US and metric units with over 400 different combinations with just the push of a button. You no longer need to use advanced scientific calculators or memorize long lists of conversion formulas.
Tools such as the Construction Master Pro Calculator are built with powerful solutions to make your life easier by completing layouts, plans, bids and estimates. Now you can calculate circles, roofs, stairs, slopes and more, faster and easier than ever. It converts between standard and metric units instantly. Use it in the field or office to save time, reduce costs and prevent rework to maximize your profits. We also carry a wide array of useful construction tools, such as moisture meters to detect moisture and digital plan measures to scale architectural drawings into real-life dimensions.