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Best GNSS Receivers

Which GNSS receiver represents your best value depends on your surveying job mix plus the capabilities you need for those one-off jobs or your company's future needs. Superior Instrument offers several surveying GPS deals and options in terms of brands, features and value.

Key GNSS Receiver Features

The most essential features of GNSS survey equipment can be sorted into four specific aspects.

Pinpoint Accuracy

GNSS or GPS survey equipment with full coverage can achieve sub-centimeter accuracy in three dimensions, especially if it works with Real-Time Kinematics — RTK — positioning accuracy solutions.

Even without RTK or another form of satellite accuracy augmentation, any full-coverage receiver should provide unaided precision of at least 1.2 meters horizontal by 2.4 meters vertical.

Communication Capabilities

Modern GNSS surveying equipment must talk to the outside world for update downloads, phone communication and control, displays, or linking with other mapping equipment and software. Look for physical ports, such as Lemo, USB or TNC plus radio links for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 3G/4G cellular signals.

Power and Mechanical

Surveying demands portability, so all GNSS tools have batteries. The key is to look for light weight, i.e. Li-Ion batteries, plus the typical charge life, which indicates receiver power draw. Dual, hot-swap battery systems eliminate power-off disruptions. External power options are a must as well.

Superior Instrument's Best GNSS/GPS Receivers

Best GNSS Receiver for Versatility

All-GNSS coverage, web UI access via Wi-Fi/SMS, RTK rover bridging and anti-theft technology are some of the invaluable features making the Spectra Precision SP80 an agile receiver. It also auto-switches to secondary correction sources during RTK outages. Maximum in-the-field portability is enhanced with dual hot-swap batteries.

Best GNSS Receiver for Accuracy

When it comes to precision, the Carlson BRx6+ excels with accuracy augmentation via L-Band, RTK and SBAS from 3x5 mm to 0.8x0.16 meter precision. All-bands coverage, multiple communication ports/radios and voice broadcast capability round out its impressive features. It works with Surveyor 2 field computers or RT3 Windows tablets.

Best GNSS Receiver for Cost

The Spectra Geospatial SP20 hand-held GNSS receiver with 5.3-inch screen offers a unique feature set for under $3500. It includes coverage for all GNSS satellites, data formats, SBAS and RTK to achieve scalable meter to centimeter accuracy. External communication includes all cellular standards, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 plus a micro-B USB port.

Best GNSS Receiver for Value

For demanding survey projects to basic GIS work, the Spectral Geospatial SP60 provides up to 240-channel coverage, CenterPoint®, RangePoint, ViewPoint and FieldPoint RTK compatibility, extended radio and Bluetooth ranges plus real-time performance and 256 MB of data storage. All that and more comes at a price comparable to less-capable receivers.

One-Stop Shop for Most Accurate GPS Surveying

At Superior Instrument, you can always find the right GNSS receiver for any surveying or mapping task. Choose an affordable solution from multiple brands and a range of advanced capabilities for any job large or small.