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Best Lasers for Surveying and Construction Work

For surveying, grading, construction and remodeling jobs, your productivity and job quality will definitely improve with the use of a quality laser level. Choosing the right product for your type of work has never been easier.

The Best Laser Level for All Outdoor Jobs

The Spectra Precision® UL633N is a “universal” laser designed for multiple applications. This rotary laser is great at single-slope and compound-slope measurements, grading and leveling surveys, vertical alignment, 90-degree sets and squaring up existing buildings.

Whether you are an individual contractor or a larger outfit, the rugged UL633N’s versatility means you can take on more types of jobs with less complexity and expenditure. It weighs just 3.1 kg and features a five-year warranty.

The Best Grading Laser

Whether leveling or calculating single or compound slopes, the high-accuracy Spectra Precision® GL422N is your most cost-effective choice. It even does vertical alignments. Its Grade Match feature automatically displays existing grade over any site with the included HL760 Digital Readout receiver.

This durable laser withstands direct drops up to a meter, boasts an IP66 weather- and dustproof rating and carries a five-year warranty.

The Best Self-Leveling Laser

A nice mid-range grading laser with a superior self-leveling feature is the Spectra Precision® LL500 laser level made for single-person operation. Its system includes an out-of-level shutoff feature that averts potential errors due if the unit is disturbed.

Its 500-meter working diameter and 1/16th-inch-in-100-feet accuracy reduces the need for multiple setups even at large sites. It can use either alkaline or rechargeable batteries for up to 175 hours of operating time.

Best All-Purpose Construction Laser

The Spectra Precision® HV302G offers vertical and horizontal beam versatility to increase productivity on any commercial or residential project. It is highly portable but ruggedly built. It is handy for leveling, plumb point transfer and 90-degree layout tasks, such as fixture placement, cabinet hanging and tile installation.

Operation is via a simple keypad and arrow buttons. It features a bright, green beam that is easy to spot even under bright daylight conditions. It comes with a three-year warranty too.

Best Laser Buy for Homeowners

One of the handiest, most versatile and affordable multi-beam lasers around is the Leica LINO P5 point laser. It simultaneously projects five light points exactly oriented at 90 degrees to one another. Use it for aligning tiles as you install them, for checking the level of tables or curtain rods and for hanging pictures at the ideal height.

It can even self-adjust its level in three seconds within +/- 4 degrees. If it is more than that out of level, the laser points flash. With magnetic smart adapters, it easily attaches to almost any edge, pipes, doors or tracks. It is even tripod mountable.