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Superior Instrument’s Magnetic Utility Locator Guide

Magnetic underground utility locators come in a variety of sizes with a variety of features to suit your particular needs and budget. Superior Instrument is proud to carry the finest magnetic location equipment from Schonstedt and Chrisnik.

Magnetic Locator Features To Look For

Adjustable Sensitivity

Since the efficiency of magnetic utility locator equipment varies with the size of the objects you seek and their depth, it is essential that you have the ability to adjust a locator’s sensitivity. Three, four or five levels of sensitivity adjustment allow you to find what you are looking for more easily as well as reject false positives.

Types of Displays and Indicators

Most surveyors can get by with just an audio indication of subsurface ferrous objects that either varies in volume or tone. However, the addition of an LCD display helps in noisy environments. The LCD indicator can also indicate field strength and object polarity.

Battery Life

Most magnetic utility locators are ultra low power, so they can run all day on a single 9V battery. However, some locators prefer swappable rechargeable batteries for extended fieldwork. In either case, it is important that the battery be easy to remove and replace.

Superior’s Best Magnetic Locators

Best for Versatility - Schonstedt GA-52Cx

The GA-52Cx is Superior Instrument’s most-popular-selling model due to its ease of use and high sensitivity. You can set the HeliFlux® sensors to any of five levels to suit various size objects and depths. Detection of ferrous objects is indicated by an increase or decrease in an audio tone. It weighs just 2.5 lbs.

Best for Cost - Schonstedt Maggie

Another popular locator is the Maggie due to its low cost and single-hand ergonomic grip plus clear visual LCD and audio indicators. The bar graph even indicates polarity of the found object. You can set several levels of LCD gain or volume. It runs up to 24 hours of intermittent use on a single 9V battery.

Best for Value - Schonstedt GA-72Cd

Although at the higher end of the price range, the GA-72Cd boasts high sensitivity and simplicity of use. It features a three-level LCD display and audio indicator. You can set the audio to indicate found objects by either change in frequency or change in volume. All settings controls are protected beneath the case. It runs up to 40 hours on two 9V batteries.

Best for Accuracy - Schonstedt GA-92XTd

This gun-shaped model has a retractable “barrel.” This means you can adjust its sensitivity by changing distance between sensors. When retracted, it clips to your belt for ease of carrying or stores behind your truck seat. It offers both a four-level LCD display and three-level audio indicator and is the lightest locator at 2.4 lbs.

Best Resistance to Metal Fences - Chrisnik HoundDog

The HoundDog is a must-have locator when searching for survey markers near or under metal fences or buildings with its patented Fence Ignoring Technology. It is slender at just 2 inches at the widest point and only 38 inches long.

Superior Instrument Has Your Best Magnetic Locator Deal

Whatever your requirements for an underground magnetic utility location device, Superior Instruments can fill your needs. It offers a range of top-quality locators along with accessories, and multiyear warranties for every product.