Carlson GIS Software

Carlson GIS Software

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Carlson GIS

With tools for data capture and linking, data labeling, import/export of SHP files, polygon topology creation and analysis, and more, Carlson GIS is an awesome GIS “Swiss Army Knife” for the surveyor or engineer. See the Carlson GIS Improvement List tab below and be sure to check out our GIS Primer.

The Carlson line of software works on AutoCAD® and comes with IntelliCAD built in. Carlson GIS includes the ability to utilize higher resolution Google Earth images even over large areas with the use of auto-tiling. And, more map types are available besides aerial for roads, terrain, or hybrid. The GIS editor also supports the import and export of the Esri® geodatabase and provides a smoother workflow with Esri ArcGIS® services.

Also included are hundreds of enhancements to basic AutoCAD commands. Part of the Carlson Civil Suite, Carlson GIS runs atop of regular AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map, Land Desktop or Civil 3D, as well as legacy versions, plus on IntelliCAD.
  • Built from the Carlson product line, first introduced in 1994, Carlson GIS delivers a new level of powerful GIS automation, including the following features:

Standard Features:
  • GIS Database Settings
  • Input-Edit GIS Data
  • GIS Inspector
  • GIS Inspector Settings
  • GIS Query/Report
  • Hatch GIS Polylines
  • Mark GIS Polylines
  • Label GIS Polyline: Closed Polyline Image
  • Label GIS Polyline: Closed Polyline Data
  • Label GIS Polyline: Open Polyline Data
  • Links Manager
  • Create Links
  • Erase Links

  • Built on AutoCAD
    • Runs in AutoCAD legacy versions as well as AutoCAD Map, Land Desktop and Civil3D and on IntelliCAD
  • Project Setup
    • Flexible data storage methods
  • Drawing Cleanup
    • Fix common drafting errors
  • Drafting Enhancements
    • Handy tools for working in AutoCAD such as Join Nearest, Shrinkwrap Entities, Polyline Utilities, Drawing Inspector, Layer Inspector and Twist Screen
  • Data Compatibility
    • Supports industry standard LandXML and scores of specific data conversions

  • Runs with AutoCAD Map 3D
    • All Map tools are available when running with AutoCAD Map plus additional commands to use Map data such as Label Object Data Areas
  • Data Capture
    • Extracts drawing text or block attributes into database
  • Attach GIS Data to Entities
    • Input, edit, label, inspect and report with simple tools, including querying for parcels or entities that meet conditions
  • Polygon Processor
    • Overlays layered polyline perimeters to create all the subareas
  • Import/Export Esri
    • Conversions between Esri Shape data and coordinates and polylines

  • Import/Export
    • User-defined import and export of point data along with conversions with specific other formats
  • Draw Points
    • Draw points with settings for symbols, layers and styles
  • Point Groups
    • Point group manager to define sets of point by filters
  • Coordinate File History
    • Tracks all changes to points with report and undo functions
  • Fix Point Label Overlaps
    • Finds point label overlaps with rule options to fix automatically
  • Point Tools Utilities for modify point labels such as move with leader, twist and resize

Companion Programs
  • Carlson SurvCE
    • Data collection for Windows CE and Pocket PC
  • Carlson Field
    • Take Carlson and AutoCAD to the field for data collection and stakeout with total stations and GPS
  • Carlson Takeoff
    • Construction Estimating for earthworks, subgrades, material quantities, strata quantities and trench networks
  • Carlson Point Clouds
    • Process laser scan data to generate models, breaklines and points
  • Carlson Natural Regrade
    • Design stable land surfaces that follow natural hydrologic and geomorphology principles
  • Carlson Geology
    • Models drillholes and strata structures and attributes

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