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Fast and Accurate Measuring Tools For Construction

Construction Measuring Tools

The Importance of Accurate Measuring
When building something as large as a house, you might think that being just an inch or two off isn't a big deal. However, this line of thought is incorrect. Imagine a house with an uneven second floor, or a cabinet that's just an inch taller than its neighbors. Small details like this stick out, even to the untrained eye, and can make your work go from professional to cheap with just a tiny mistake. And that’s just talking about the extra fittings. Imagine how bad the plumbing would be with just a few inches of missing or connected pipe, or if a support beam didn’t line up properly! To guarantee the safety and security of a building's construction, accurate measurements must be calculated. Thankfully, Superior Instrument has you covered, with all the construction and engineering measuring tools you need for precise and accurate measurements.

Measuring tools are vital in nearly every trade and step in the construction process. Whether it's an estimator using a laser distance measure to calculate the area of flooring or an electrician spacing out outlets, everyone on your crew needs accurate measurements to get the job done right. While the old classics such as measuring tapes, measuring wheels, and folding rulers provide easy and simple measurements, these tools have evolved and improved over time to fit more uses and provide extremely accurate measurements.

New Measuring Tools And Features
New advanced tools make measuring and leveling faster and more accurate than ever, from grand projects to tiny details. Take laser distance measurers, for example. These devices are small enough to rest comfortably in a tool belt yet durable enough to withstand extreme worksite conditions. A laser distance measure can capture multiple accurate measurements in three dimensions for a single location, rapidly and efficiently completing common measuring tasks. Combined with a tripod or 360-degree laser, this tool can also measure the distance and angle between multiple points, even from up to hundreds of feet away. Designed by well-known names in the construction industry, such as Lecia, Bosch, and DeWalt, these laser distance measurers can be as accurate as 1/16 of a foot, even from over hundreds of yards away. Some devices can even calculate area and volume with just the push of a button. Imagine how much time and effort it would take to get the same measurements using a wheel, tape measure, or other analog method. It's easy to see how these digital measurement tools can make your work more efficient and accurate than ever before.

The evolution of measuring tools for construction has made leveling and measuring faster, more accurate, and more efficient than ever before. One of the biggest leaps in construction technology has been the advancement of connectivity. Most digital measuring tools can connect to other smart devices, allowing you to immediately transfer data for the jobsite to a coworker in the office. Send detailed information in an organized manner, and say goodbye to the constant pile of messages and lag time between the site and office. The ability to document and share measurements in this way helps the entire team stay on the same page and run more efficiently.

Another must-have capability of certain digital measuring tools is user calibration (UCAL). UCAL allows a tool such as a rotary laser to connect to a smart device. This means that if the laser is bumped or jostled, you can quickly notice the issue and recalibrate the laser right from your phone. With UCAL, you can ensure you are always working off a level benchmark with quick and easy accuracy checks, saving you time and guaranteeing a more accurate measurement.

Laser Technology In Construction
Even laser technology in measuring tools has also improved greatly over the past few years. One of the most notable changes has been the shift from red lasers to green lasers. Green is a more visible color, making the lasers easier to see, even when working outside under direct sunlight. Green lasers are easier to detect with the naked eye, making it easier to avoid interrupting or blocking the laser.

With the rapid growth of the measuring tool market, it's not surprising to see such improvements and cost-effective changes. A wide range of uses exist for many measuring tools, ensuring you’ll always have the right tool for the job. While timeless classics like surveying tapes and wheels are a cost-effective option, measuring and leveling lasers have come a long way and clearly take the crown when it comes to onsite measuring for challenging projects.