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JobCom Radio Accessories

Staying connected with your colleagues while on the job is a priority when depending on their input throughout your work. JobCom radio accessories help ensure comfortable and fully charged communication capability through our line of accessories. If the closest outlet is your car, as with most survey engineers or other non-office-based jobs, our 12V JobCom radio charger can keep your two-way radios charged between worksites.

When communication and comfort are key, our JobCom headset has a single over-the-ear speaker with an in-line push-to-talk. Having one ear not covered by a headset helps provide situational awareness on the worksite, and an in-line, push-to-talk microphone makes communicating important messages easy. If only listening is required, a radio earphone may also be convenient as it is a smaller load to carry. Extending the range from your vehicle to another person’s location is easy with our magnetic-mount VHF antenna. And for easier battery charging, the JobCom drop-in charger works well on standard outlets so all of your charging is not tied to the vehicle.