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How To Rent Survey Equipment From Superior Instrument

When you're out in the marketplace looking to buy land surveying equipment, never has this old-time adage been truer: Cheap things aren't good and good things aren't cheap! When you're dealing with high-quality surveying equipment, you're looking at precision instruments required to have uncompromising accuracy, which naturally comes with a significant price tag.

Buying Alternatives

If you're planning on using your surveying equipment on a fairly continual basis, owning it may be the best alternative. At Superior Instrument, we offer the highest-quality, most accurate precision-made surveying equipment out there, yet we're able to sell it at fair, competitive prices.

If you don't have a continual need for certain surveying items but may require several different items on a more occasional basis, then renting may be the most appropriate solution for you. Owning an expensive piece of equipment that sits idle most of the time may be an inappropriate use of needed funds. Many experts agree that a realistic benchmark for owning rather than renting is when an item in your equipment inventory is needed or used between 60-70% of the time.

Making a large capital investment in something like a laser-controlled bulldozer that may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase doesn't make sense if that piece of equipment is only utilized occasionally. A rental rate of less than $800 per day, $2000 per week or $5000 per month makes much more sense if you only require the use of a laser-controlled bulldozer a few times a month or fewer. One of the major advantages given for renting vs buying is saving money. Others include the following:

  • Allows for temporary increases in production
  • Satisfies short-term equipment needs
  • Helps to meet a sudden deadline crunch
  • Eliminates your need to provide service or maintenance
  • Fills in when your regular equipment requires maintenance or has failed
  • Allows for specialty performance with equipment used to fulfill certain unique job requirements

If you’re unsure of where to rent survey equipment, you’re in luck! At Superior Instrument, we offer a variety of our top-notch survey equipment for rent, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality.

Why Choose Superior Instrument

For more than 50 years, The Superior Network of Companies, which includes Superior Instrument, has been working hard to provide our clients with a wide range of construction equipment and products, plus the expertise needed to make the most of using these items in the most efficient manner.

At Superior Instrument, we're able to help you meet the demands of today's high-tech surveying and construction industries. We're the state of Connecticut's sole sales and service source for surveying instruments, construction lasers, machine control devices and the professional training for properly using this equipment. We carry the very best selection of top-name surveying equipment from such manufacturers as Spectra Precision, Schonstedt, Bernsten, Nikon, Carlson and others. We also offer some of the best prices for sales and rentals that you'll find anywhere.

Rent Surveyor Equipment Easily

One major advantage of choosing to rent land survey equipment versus buying it outright is that you can obtain the equipment without making a large upfront outlay of money. Setting up an equipment rental is easy. Simply click on this link, which will take you to the Instruments & Lasers page. Once on that page, you'll see a listing of all survey items currently being offered in our rental program. Right-click on any item and you'll be shown a complete description of that item, including charges required for a daily, weekly or monthly rental. You'll notice significant savings apply when renting for longer periods of time. Rent your choice of GPS survey equipment on our site for the best price.