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Top Survey Equipment Brands

Here at Superior Instrument, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients equipment from the top-name manufacturers in the industry, including Carlson, Leica, Nikon, Schonstedt and Spectra. These companies are highly respected in their fields and known not only for staying ahead of the fast-moving technology curve but also for making the latest and greatest equipment available.

Here is some helpful background information on the best brands we offer here at SuperiorInstrument.com so that you can make the best, most informed decision for your surveying needs.

Since it was founded in 1983, Carlson Software has been an industry leader in field data collection, machine control and CAD design software. It is a premier developer of innovative land surveying, construction and civil engineering products, with a reputation for uncompromising customer service and support. The company is known globally for its unprecedented technological innovation and can provide 3-D technology solutions from the data collection stage to design and through to construction.

We offer some fantastic deals on our lineup of Carlson survey equipment, with the Zoom 40 Reflector-less Total Station being one of the top-selling items, along with the Carlson 2019 Civil Suite Software. The CR+ Robotic Total Station is also a popular buy, as is the Carlson Surveyor 2 Data Collector along with the Carlson 2019 Survey Office Software, which lets you manage the entire job cycle, from field data collection to completing your final plan. Buy your Carlson survey data collection at Superior Instrument.

Leica Geosystems has roots going back 200 years to Kern and Company, which was founded in Switzerland in 1819. The company’s long history and commitment to high-quality products make us proud to be one of Leica’s survey equipment dealers. Approximately 100 years after its conception, under the name of Wild Heerbrugg, the company developed the first T2. This device became the world's first portable optomechanical theodolite, the precursor to the transit, a major advance to modern surveying.

As pioneers in the industry, Leica continues to make innovative, highly reliable GPS survey equipment. Independently of its parent brand, Leica developed the world's first aerial camera and has since been a true surveying innovator. Today, Leica’s top-selling products include upgradable laser survey equipment, high-performance 3-D laser scanners, utility detection equipment and airborne data capture equipment for urban mapping. Look to Superior Instrument for the best rates on the purchase or renting of your needed Leica survey equipment. We offer a low-price guarantee to ensure you are getting the best deal on all Leica survey equipment and accessories. Browse our full selection of Leica survey equipment for sale at Superior Instrument.

When it comes to accuracy and reliability in the surveying industry, nothing beats Nikon. It has been a premier provider of precision optical measurement equipment for the surveying industry since the 1940s, and the Nikon name is known and highly respected worldwide. While perhaps best known for its photographic equipment, the company is also involved in the production of super-high-quality survey instruments such as auto levels, electronic theodolites and total stations.

Superior Instrument has a nice selection of Nikon survey equipment, including the XF Total Station and the NPL-322+ Reflector-less Total Station. The Nikon XF allows for efficient, accurate work due to its numerous innovative features like its 800-meter range non-prism EDM, full dual displays and automatic focus. Nikon, legendary for its optics quality, delivers brighter, clearer images than most other brands, and we offer the best Nikon total stations available at competitive prices. Shop our entire range of Nikon survey equipment for sale here.

The first Schonstedt instruments were designed for use in the aerospace industry, with the company’s magnetometers installed in more than 400 satellites and even the Hubble telescope. Today, Schonstedt survey equipment is used almost exclusively in underground location activity. This began with the introduction of the Schonstedt GA-52 Magnetic Locator in the 1970s. Still in production today as the GA-52Cx, this is the most rugged Schonstedt locator – so rugged that it comes with a seven-year warranty.

The Schonstedt lineup has expanded over the years with high quality and innovation as the company’s driving forces. Its Heliflux® technology is unequaled in its ability to detect iron objects at great depths. Our most popular Schonstedt instruments include the 92XTd, considered by the manufacturer to be its most portable magnetic locator, and the Schonstedt Maggie, considered its most sensitive magnetic locator. Purchase a Schonstedt pipe locator at Superior Instrument for the best price available.

If you are looking for maximum productivity and optimal efficiency, Spectra survey equipment is an excellent choice. Long known in the industry for its reliability, Spectra offers a wide range of surveying tools for a number of construction needs. Since 1846, its surveying R&D center has continually provided industry-leading innovations for construction projects. Superior Instrument offers a number of Spectra products, including the Spectra Precision FOCUS 35 Robotic Total Station. This Spectra robotic total station is one of our most popular Spectra products and for good reason. The Spectra FOCUS total station delivers speed, precision and efficiency. Thanks to its StepDrive motion technology, this powerful tool will be your new go-to for all your surveying needs. Shop the Spectra total station and more Spectra products here at Superior Instrument.